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Driveway & Walkway Drain Cleaning Services

Drainage in your driveway or walkway is vital when it comes to protecting the integrity of your home, especially in the west side of the United States where heavy rainfall is common. In areas like ours, driveway drains are more susceptible to clogs and they shouldn’t go unattended. We’re proud to offer walkway and driveway drain cleaning services!

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Symptoms of A Clogged Driveway Drain

  • Flooding near your property including the garage
  • Slow draining
  • Unpleasant odors near your drainage system


Clogged toilets need to be cleared carefully to avoid a major disaster from occurring. At Huntington Beach Plumbing Pros, we have the equipment and experience necessary to effectively and safely clear any type of clog, including toilet clogs.

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Why You Should Have A Clean Driveway

  • Soil Prevention Protection
  • Flooding Prevention
  • Protect the belongings in your driveway
  • Mildew Protection
  • Home’s foundation gets protected

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Walkway and Driveway Drain Cleaning Services

Certain trench drains are pretty easy to open and clean by mano. However, others may need more extensive cleaning especially if your system has a blockage deep inside the piping. At Huntington Beach Plumbing Pros, we have the tools necessary like pressure washers and hydro jets to clean drains of all types including walkway and driveway drains. Our squad of journeyman plumbing contractors are educated in the different designs and they’ll ensure your drain works effectively all year long. So contact us today for your next walkway and driveway drain cleaning service in the Huntington Beach and Orange County area!

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